This is the webpage of a group whose aim is to improve the kit and clothes of a UK seventeenth century Civil War reenactment group, using the most up to date references and research. Feel free to comment on any of the subjects raised here and return often as I want to keep the discussion lively and ongoing.

Please look at the extra tabs on the right hand side. The newbie section is the place for basic kit if you're just beginning to reenact the 1640s. Haberdashery has lots of detail about colours, buttons, tapes etc.


I’ve been asked for a list of suppliers, so here are my recommendations. They are all UK based and most do mail order, though there’s no substitute for handling the goods (as it were) and asking advice. All the traders know their stuff, have done the research and are more than happy to advise. Most listed below have contributed to this blog.
The maxim is “if in doubt, ask”


Stuart Peachey
Selection of sadd (natural) coloured authentic fabrics. No broadcloth for soldiers but everything else you’d want. On the expensive side, but if you want to get it absolutely right, Stuart is your man.

Bernie the Bolt
Supplies wool and linen at very reasonable prices. Massive selection of stock too. I’ve been to his house. You’ll find him at most musters and fairs, but he also does a fine mail order service.
Tel 01480 453390
Email         berniethebolt3(at)aol(dot)com

Cloth Hall
Lindy Pickard has a good range of authentic wools in 17th century colours.
 Tel 01484 512968

Herts Fabrics
Ali has a large variety of authentic fabric and will give advice. Recommended.

Time Warp Textiles
Aidan Campbell provides small amounts of authentic textiles. He will also source whole rolls of cloth if you want to equip a whole company, but he also has end of roll remnants for sale. His expertise is mainly pre Norman conquest, but worth a look as he occasionally has other fabrics more suited to 1640s.

Wolfinn Textiles
 Unbleached Belgian linen - extremely good European-grown linen. Not cheap, but also very wide and nice stuff.

Whaley's of Bradford
Great for fine wool and linen and fabrics to be dyed. They are expensive but worth it.


Chris Thomas is highly recommended for all the little bits you need for finishing off, buttons, tapes, thread, beeswax etc. His range of pewter buttons is unrivalled.

Nick Jones
Nick also sells authentic pewter buttons from his website. The buttons are researched and field tested.

Gina B
Gina hand makes all kinds of ties and passamentarie (thread woven) buttons. Her stuff is very nicely made and her service is excellent.

Made Up Clothes

Peggys Necessities
Sundrie apparel for soldiers and goodwives of the middling sort. (their description). The clothes are also very good and well researched.

White Rabbit Lynens
Well researched and superbly made linen (other fabrics are available) clothes. Alice's shirts and smocks are fantastic.

Sally Pointer
Sally supplies a large variety of knitted hats and patterns for making your own.

Historical Caps
Very decent and affordable knitted and felted headgear: labourers' caps, Monmouths, statute caps etc.  Gloria hand dyes and knits everything herself.

Kirstie Buckland.
Also makes top quality knitted hats of many periods.


Mulberry dyer does a period dying service. If you source the fabric they can dye it to any period colour you like using authentic methods. Also supplies linen thread and embroidery silks and wools.

Sarah Juniper is the best historical shoe and bootmaker around. Her shoes are well made and well researched. Not cheap but they will last for years!

Chris Thomas also makes top quality shoes, boots and startuppes.

Foxblade Trading
Tod Booth is also a good contact for serviceable latchet shoes and boots.

Leather Stuff and Miscellaneous

Karl Robinson is recommended for leather bags, belts and accessories. His work is of the highest quality

Christophus (see above) also makes leather items to order: Authentic buffcoats, baldrics, belts, footwear, pouches, hats etc.

Foxblade Trading
Tod Booth is knowledgable and supplies most of your 17th century leather needs.

Tod's Stuff

Not to be confused with Foxblade trading, Tod’s Stuff supplies all the bits and bobs you might need, cases, belts as well as knives and other Living History accoutrements.

Six of One
Belle and Richard at produce some of the most astonishingly beautiful bits and pieces you've ever seen.

Tom Aldwinckle
Leather bottles handmade to order.